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Monofilament(mono) Toupee is the most commonly used on the market. This type of mesh was first used in the toupee manufacturing industry.

Advantages Of Monofilament Mesh

  • Popular material, low price compared to other materials.
  • Create realistic hair break, easily style the hair pieces
  • High durability of the toupee when using this mesh

Disadvantages Of Monofilament Mesh

  • It is thick net mesh to make hair pieces being hot when wearing
  • A thick front edge is not realistic and needs to be combined with thin PU or lace on the front.
  • Basic designs cannot be cut  the cap size

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Below Are 5 Basic Toupee Designs Using Mono Mesh Tops

Mono Mesh With PU Coated Edge Around

This is the most basic design for the mono toupee. Most middle-aged people U50 and older like to use this design because of its high durability

Mono Mesh With Clear PU Border Around

Similar to the above design, only the edge is different.

Mono Mesh With PU Edges On Both Sides And Back, Welded Mono Mesh On The Front

This design is more modern than the above two designs, increasing the applicability of creating many different hairstyles for the hair pieces.

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Mono Mesh, Glass Silk PU Border Around And Front Combined With French Lace

This is a new design between traditional and modern. The mono mesh at the back helps increase the durability of the product. The front lace helps make the hairline of the toupee more natural.

Mono Mesh Combined With PU Coated On The Sides And Back, The Frontal Uses Scalloped PU Glass Silk

This design helps reduce the thickness of the PU on the front edge combined with scalped to make the hairline more natural.

Above are 5 basic toupee designs using Monofilament mesh. If you like any other designs and want to buy the product, you can contact us.

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