What are the Different Types of Hairpieces? Learn More About Your Replacements

In a world now that is full of stress and tension, especially after covid, it is starting to be a normal thing for people to experience more hair loss than ever.

Many started to look for a solution, some searched for medicine and hospitalized treatments, while others visited therapy, looking for a cure. But the truth is, we can only either speed up the hair growing process to make up for the amount of hair loss, or slow down the process, in order to prevent losing all hair.

However, not everyone has the ability to access all of the treating services, thus, hair replacements come as a wonderful option to cover up the bald spot. It’s a much cheaper, more effective option and yet, delivers great results within a short amount of time.

If you agree and want to learn more about this amazing world of hair replacement, you are in the right place. In this article, Phucthientoupee will show you different types of hairpieces, in order to help you on your journey into the vast hair system world. Now without further ado, let’s begin!!!

Full Wig 

A full wig is one among different types of hair wigs. It is used to cover up the whole scalp, suitable for those who are bald entirely or cancer patients, who lose all their hair due to chemical treatments.

There are various types of bases and accessories that can be used to secure the hairpiece, one of the most common bases is the “Mesh lace” base. This is easy to apply or remove, simple to fix and most importantly, it is cheap. Depending on your budget, you can get a more quality wig base that is more comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, you can customize the full wig to have the exact same color and hair length as your previous hair, in order to conceal your secret. Ready to wear all the time, customizable, easy to wash. What’s not to like right?


There are many different types of hairpieces, with diverse shapes and sizes, as well as made out of different types of material, some of the most common materials are synthetic string and real human hair.

The human hairpieces will deliver a more realistic feel to the touch, as well as, of course, look more natural, however, it will cost you a bit higher than the synthetic ones, which look a bit shiny and unnatural.

Just like the name, hairpiece is mainly used to cover an area on the scalp. It can be customized to blend in with your natural hair, no matter the length and color. Just make sure that the hairpiece is nicely secured and does not affect the new growth.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between the daily remove type of hairpiece or the tightly secured ones, which can be used while sleeping, running or for other activities.

There are also many ways to secure different types of hairpieces. Some of the most common ones would be wig clips and wig adhesives, and depending on the different types of wigs, you will have to use the compatible attaching method.

For example, if you use the lace base hair patch for a bare scalp, wig tape or glue would be appropriate. It will be secured directly to your skin, which makes it almost impossible to remove. Or if you want to use a small hairpiece to cover the bald spot, a simple clip would do just fine.

It is also recommended to get a haircut once in a while, in order to help the hairpiece blend in better, since the hairpiece cannot grow longer.

In case you don’t have a bald spot but a thinning hair, you can apply the hair volumizers or hair extensions. These are made specifically for thinning hair, that can last almost forever, easy to apply, easy to remove. 

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A toupee is one of the different types of hairpiece, which is mainly used for covering the bald spot on the top of the head. For men, they are just called toupee. For women, they are referred to as top pieces. 


A fringe is the cheapest option you can have to deal with bald spots. It is light and flexible, and can be attached to a hat, cap or head scarf. You can use this instead of different wigs or different types of hairpiece during hot days or in case you are unable to put on a wig.

This is also easy to apply, just simply secure it onto a hat, cap or anything, using a wig tape or double sided Velcro. You can choose between a human hair fringe or synthetic hair fringe, depending on your budgeting plan.

Hair extension

As we have mentioned earlier, hair extension is made for one purpose only: to blend in and make your hair look thicker. It adds volume to your natural hair by attaching directly to the new hair growth on your scalp. You can use this as an alternative for different types of human hair wigs, in order to maximize the 

We highly recommend you to come to a prestigious hair salon or any shop that provides quality service, such as Phucthientoupee. The reason for this is that if the extension is not properly treated, it will fall off within days. Thus, in order to have a long term effect, they should be treated right by someone that has the necessary skill and knowledge.

Hair replacement system

Among different types of hairpieces, this is the one that offers a permanent solution for hair loss, as well as hair thinning. 

You can use the hair replacement system for a long time, without having to take it off while showering, sleeping or during other activities. You can consider it to be a part of you, as if it is your own natural hair.

A hair replacement system can be a specialized customized hairpiece, to your own liking, or like a full wig that is attached to your scalp, only this one will last almost forever.

This is suitable for those who don’t have time to change wigs on a daily basis. All you have to do is apply the hair replacement system on your head and voila! No need for a daily removal or careful washing process. Consider it your own hair!!!


Losing hair is definitely something that no one wants. However, it is becoming a normal thing now; therefore, it is required for us to get used to it and acquire the knowledge to deal with it.

We hope that this article has provided you with useful knowledge about different types of hairpieces. For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a nice day!!!

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