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For most people, the hair style and the material of the hairpiece are their main concerns, since they consider that these are the main factors that create the look of their hairpiece.

However little did they know that types of know would contribute mainly to the appearance of the unit, as well as deciding whether the hairpiece would fit or not.

In this article, Phucthientoupee would explain and give a quick review on 4 basic knotting methods for hair replacement system, for you – our precious customers, can distinguish and choose what is best for you.

Now without further ado, let’s begin, shall we?!!!

1. The Single Knots

First on the list is probably the simplest, as well as the most basic knotting method for hair replacement system. Single knotted hair pieces are usually made with strands of hair that are knotted on the base once. Depending on the density of the hairpiece, the manufacturer will decide how many hair strands that are put on it.

Because of the knot’s simplicity, the single knot is suitable for styles such as flat back, since the knot loop makes the hair line lie flat in one direction. Furthermore, this knot delivers a natural look to the hair replacement system, since the knot at the root is so small, it’s almost invisible to normal human eyes.

One drawback of the single knot is that it is such a simple knot, it doesn’t provide enough volume and durability for the hairpiece. Phucthientoupee suggests you to regularly take it to maintenance to ensure its long life.

2. Double Knots

Similar to the single knot, double knot is made with hair strands that are knotted twice to the base. This basic knotting method for hair replacement system offers extra durability for the hair piece, since it is double the loop, compared to the single one. 

The advantage of double knotted hair piece is that it has stronger hair root, thus more durable and less maintenance work, as well as allowing more room for extra density.

However, it can look a little bit unnatural, since the double loop is thicker than the single one, the hair piece would look a bit odd with dotted hair roots, which are totally visible if you take a close look.

This type of knot would suit those who want to have a more affordable hair piece that is almost similar to the single knotted but more durable.

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3. Single Split Knot

Single split knots are one of the high end basic knotting methods for hair replacement systems. This knot offers a stronger hold than the single knot and has a smaller loop than the double knot.

On lace hair pieces, they would usually have this knot at the front to deliver a more natural look, with an even and gentle hairline. On a skin-based hair piece, this single split shot is used throughout the whole base surface, in order to give strong knots and yet invisible to the eyes.

One downside of the single split knot is that it does not offer a decent and straight forward hairline, but rather different directions, as well as the total appearance does not look neat.

4. Double Split Knots 

Just as the name said, the double split knot is one of the most strong and durable knots among the basic knotting methods for hair replacement systems. You can easily comb the hairline to any direction that you want without worrying that the hair strands will snap.

However, this knot has one flaw, in order to deliver the strength, it is required to almost double the thickness of the hair roots; therefore, it can be easily recognized and lose the natural look.

This problem can be addressed by only applying it at the rear, and applying the single knot or single split knot at the front area to cover up the double ones.

The double split knotted hair piece is suitable for those who want to be free with their style everyday, since it is hard to break and requires little maintenance.

5. The Single Reverse Split Knots

This is one of the most popular knots among the poly skin based hairpiece. The reason for this is that when this knot is applied on the poly skin, it will deliver a tighter grip and seal better to the base while still having the flexibility it needs for the hair movement.

Furthermore, this is such a delicate knot that it is almost undetectable, delivering a natural look, which makes it the best value for money. 

While the single knot offers a flat, one-directioned hair line, the single reverse split knot delivers splitting the hair strand into 2, with a slight gap in between, providing more movement

However, one thing you should notice is that since the hair strands are splitted into 2, the direction of the 2 can be different, causing a messy look. And you should comb it with care because, even though it gives a strong grip to the base, it can still be loosen up quite quickly, due to the nature of the single knot.

In addition, since this is a delicate knot, it can be a little bit more pricey than the other ones. But you get what you pay for. In exchange for higher prices are much more quality products.

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6. Double Reverse Split Knots

The difference between the double and the single reverse split knot is almost similar to the double and single knot. Instead of having only one loop, the double reverse split knot has 2. This offers double the hair strength while still keeping that flexible movement of the hair line.

This knot is widely used mostly at the top and back area of the hair replacement system to provide more density and movement.

The disadvantage of this knot is, as you can imagine, it has thick and big roots; thus, a lot more visible to human eyes. This explains why its primary position is at the top and behind.


We hope that our article has delivered to you useful information about basic knotting methods for hair replacement systems. It is crucial that you know what you are using, in order to have an appropriate approach towards your hair piece. 

For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day!!!

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