3 Knotting Methods For Skin Toupee – Understanding The Difference

Just like we all know, all skin based hair replacement systems consist of base and hair strands, so why are there so many types of toupee? What are the differences between the types?

The difference between the types of hair piece is the knot. There is one type that uses this knotting method, the other uses a different one. The big question is: How can you distinguish?

In this article, Phucthientoupee will show you 3 main knotting methods for skin toupee, in order to help you fully understand the differences. Now without further ado, let’s begin, shall we?!!!

1. The V-Loop Method

One of the most basic, and probably the best knotting method for skin toupee, this technique can only be applied on super thin skin bases. 

The V-loop toupee has a thin skin base, with hair strands looped onto the base similar to the V shape. That’s why it gets that name.

The reason why we said that the V-loop is one of the best knotting methods for skin toupee is because, while for other methods, it is usually quite difficult to comb the hair and shape the style without damaging the hair, the V-loop ,not only does it deliver a natural looking hairline, it also extremely easy to style, without worrying about snapping the hair strands.

The V-loop requires no knotting whatsoever, the hair strands are looped into the skin base. After that, the strands are secured using another layer beneath the skin base; therefore, it does not leave with any dot at the hair root, everything looks so natural.

However, there are several flaws of this knotting method that you should be aware of. Firstly, because of the simplicity of the V-loop, it can only last for about 2 – 3 months, if you take proper care of it, otherwise, its lifetime could be shorter.

Secondly, since it is made of a bunch of hair strands looping into between the base layers, it is much easier to get loose and fall than other types of knotting methods for skin toupee, despite the fact that you can easily comb and style with it.

The V-loop is suitable for those who don’t want to use a skin based toupee for a long time. It is rather used for some occasions and disposable after useage.

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2. Injected Knotting Method For Skin Toupee

The term “Injected Toupee” can be new to some people. However, this is also some of the most popular knotting methods in the hair replacement system industry. Let’s find out more about this interesting technique.

2.1. What Does “Injected” Means?

This “injected” technique refers to the act of precisely injecting the root of the hair into the layers of the base, at an angle that makes it look like the hair strands grow naturally from the skin base.

2.2. Types of Injected Toupee

There are 2 main types of Injected hair system: Injected silk and injected skin. While the injected silk is more versatile and can be applied onto many types of layers, the injected skin, just like the name, can only be applied onto the skin base (made out of poly).

For the skin injected, the hair strands are injected through 2 layers of the base, knotted, and then use the third layer to secure them. The top and bottom layer are made out of super fine silk, with the top layer mimicking the color of the skin. The middle one is the mono lace, which is quite durable and can hold a heavy weight. The hair strands will be knotted at this layer. All the knots will be covered by the top one, creating a natural look as the hair grows out of the hair piece.

On the contrary, the skin injected does not require any knotting at all. The hair strands are injected directly into the base, which consist of multiple poly layers, at a desired angle. This makes it easier to customize, while also delivering a similar outcome, or even better, since there is no knot, it will not leave any trace at the bottom layer, making it look smoother.

One disadvantage of this knotting method for skin toupee is that it can be quite hot. Because of the multi layer base, it affects the breathability of the toupee and traps the air and heat inside the toupee. However, the thick base makes the hair piece more durable.

Injected Knotting Method

3. The Single Knotting Method

This is one of the oldest, most basic types of knot in the hair replacement industry. The hair strands are looped knotted into the base. There are several types of single knotted toupee. The most basic one is the single knot, which is simple, offering a great outcome. 

However, it is not as durable as the other types, as well as not versatile either. Because of the nature of the loop, the hair strands can only lie flat in one direction ,which makes it suitable for those who want to have one hairstyle for a long time, rather than spending time everyday styling and combing. 

There are also several other versions of the single knot, like the single split knot, the single reverse split knot or the single-strand single knot. Each of these has its own up and down side. You can check our article about these basic knotting methods here.


There is so much more about the hair replacement system world, rather than just hairstyle and color. Understanding the nature of the hairpiece would help you to have a more comfortable daily experience while wearing the product. Hair pieces are made to boost your confidence, and you can only be confident if you are comfy with it.

We hope that our article has delivered you useful knowledge about the knotting methods for skin toupee. For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day!!!

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