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Among all different kinds of toupee in the hair replacement industry, the injected toupee is probably one of the best types that can truly give you that natural look. This is the reason why this knotting method is favored by many toupee wearers worldwide.

However, to many people who are new to this subject, injected toupee can be a strange concept to comprehend. Therefore in this article, Phucthientoupee will show you everything you need to know about both injected silk and injected skin toupee.

Now without further ado, let’s begin, shall we?!!

What Is Injected Toupee?

Before digging deep into the 2 types, you must first understand what injected toupee is. The term “injected” in the hair replacement industry means attaching the hair strands into the multi-layer base of the hair piece at a precise angle, in order to make it look as realistic and natural as possible.

Each individual hair will be pulled through almost every layer of the base, and then secured with a knot lying in between all the layers above and the last bottom layer. This way, all the knots will be concealed, the hair will look as if it grows right out of the base.

One disadvantage of this knotting method is that because it requires many layers, all the heat and air will be trapped beneath the base, making it quite hot to wear during summer days.

Now let’s go further and find out about the injected silk and injected skin toupee.

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Injected Silk Toupee & Injected Skin Toupee

What Are The Differences?

The biggest difference between these two types of injected toupee is the base. Most injected silks use the super fine mono silk as that base, some use the normal mono silk, while injected skin only uses poly base. You can distinguish the two through the material that they use to create the base.

Another difference is that for each type of base, there will be a different knotting method. This will be discussed further in the article.

Knotting Method For The Injected Silk Toupee

As mentioned earlier at the opening of the article, we know that the injected toupee uses several layers to create the base. Most manufacturers use 3 layers, since this delivers the best outcome at the lowest cost possible, which allows them to sell the products at a low price.

For the injected silk, the hair strands are attached to the base by penetrating through the first 2 layers and then knotted. After that, the worker will add the extra third layer beneath the knot and the second layer, securing the layer with the knotted hair root in between.

This method offers a more durable hair piece, since it has a 3 layer base and a knotted root acts as an anchor, stopping the hair strands from falling off. Furthermore, since all the knots are hidden away, it will create a feeling as if the hair grows straight from the toupee.

The main material they use for the injected silk base is super fine silk, and they are customized to resemble the human scalp, this is used for the top and bottom layer, since they are super fine, and create a comfortable feeling for the wearer.

The middle layer is called the mono lace. It is a lot more durable than the super fine silk; therefore, it is used to hold the weight of all the hair strands and all the knots. 

injected Silk Toupee

Knotting Method For The Injected Skin Hairpieces Systems

The biggest difference between an injected silk and an injected skin toupee is the way the hair strands are attached to the scalp.

While the injected silk requires a knot and a third bottom layer to hold and secure the hair, the injected skin toupee requires no knotting whatsoever. Both deliver great results of natural feeling, however, the injected skin is slightly better because of its knotless nature, the overall look will be smoother, compared to the injected silk one. 

Every individual hair strand is attached to the scalp by penetrating through several layers of the base, but not the last bottom layer.

All of the hair strands will be added into the base at a straight line and your desired angle, in order to create the perfect look for you.

The base is completely made out of poly, a strong, durable material. The thicker the base, the more hair it can hold, as well as more thickness means extra durability. However, please note in mind that the thicker the poly base, the hotter it will be; therefore, you should take this into consideration before making any purchase.

Final Verdict: Which One Is Better?

The answer for this is totally up to you and your preference, as well as your personal needs. Each type of injected toupee would have its own advantages and disadvantages. Injected silk is more popular on women’s wigs, on the contrary, the injected skin is favored by men’s hair piece manufacturers.

Either way, both methods deliver the most natural look, compared to all other knotting methods in the hair replacement industry. 

We hope that our article has provided you everything you need about injected toupee. For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day!!!

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