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Having a bald spot is definitely something that no one wants. However, alongside the development of technology, the beauty industry also develops over time. Many techniques and methods have been discovered and tried, and up to now, human hair wigs are still among the best solutions for solving bald spots.

However, there is one question that has been bothering many people around the world for a few decades. Which is the best human hair wigs website? Why are they trustworthy? What makes them so special?

In this article, Phucthientoupee will show you the best human hair wigs websites that provide quality products at an appropriate price. Now let’s begin, shall we

1. How to identify the reputable human hair wigs websites

The biggest disadvantage of buying wigs online, or any other items, is that you cannot experience the product like when you are at the store. You can’t see, touch or feel the hair, which increases the risk of getting scammed by retailers.

One simple trick that you can take in order to prevent this is to read the comment section of verified buyers before you buy wigs online. They are the ones who have had experience with the site, and would be the best reviewers in terms of quality and customer care. If a site has many bad reviews, there is a high chance that the site owner is a fraud.

Or you can proceed to check for the price. On some of the best human hair wigs websites, the price is fully listed on page, with price range and everything. If some of the prices are too low compared to the average price of the toupee on the market, chances are, they are selling bad quality products or just simply taking advantage of human’s greed, the thirst of buying cheap yet high quality products.

2. Top 5 Best human hair wigs websites

Sam’s Beauty

One of the most famous, most well-known human hair wigs websites in the world – Sam’s Beauty. They are the owner of many popular brands, such as Outre or eBobbi Boss.

Sam’s Beauty offers a variety of options for you to choose, from synthetic to real human hair wigs. Not to mention, a wider range of style and color, you will be able to freely express yourself without worrying of being scammed.

Just in case you don’t know which one to choose, we highly recommend the Outre’s Soft & Natural Synthetic Lace-Front Wig. This is a much more affordable option for beginners that can suit almost everyone.

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Mayvenn Hair

This is by far one of the best human hair wigs websites in the world. Their specialty is the 1B (natural brown hue) toupee, as well as blonde or any other color that you love, Mayvenn Hair will provide.

This site offers a wide range of wigs textures, from kinky straight to body wave, from normal to extra thickness. Mayvenn Hair can cover it all, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Just like any other human hair wig websites, Mayvenn Hair’s price range can spread from $160 to $320, this depends on the length, thickness, quality and many other factors. For me to say, this is an appropriate price, not too high so that many people from the middle class can buy some, not too low that can easily be mistaken as frauds or tricksters.

The RPG Show

Known for the famous lace frontal and closed human hair wigs, the RPG Show is definitely the one you can trust in terms of best human hair wigs websites, just in case you are wondering where to start your toupee journey.

If it’s not persuasive enough, the world famous hairstylist Kahn Spence used to state that RPF Show is one of his favorite go-to sources in terms of providing human hair wigs for his big clients like Kehlani of Jhene Aiko.

“The quality of the lace is unmatched in comparison to many other companies on the market,” he shares. The RPG Show is a perfect example for the fact that you don’t need a lot of money in order to look luxurious.

On the RPG Show website, you will find more than just toupee, some of the best products for human hair wigs are also listed on the RPG’s home page, things like headband, U-part and lace-front wigs, you can find it all at RPG Show.

Kendra’s Boutique

In case you don’t want to buy cheap wigs that are not guaranteed about the quality, you can visit Kendra’s Boutique site, this is one of the best human hair wigs websites in the high end class.

The starting price of Kendra’s products is $540, and it can go up to more than $1000 for a single human hair piece. However, you get what you pay for. Kendra’s Boutique human hair wigs are known for supreme quality, long lasting and the comfortness while wearing.

Most lace frontals at Kendras’ are available in straight and curly textures. The standard color is 1B, standard length is around 40 inches. However, you can always customize your human hair wigs to your likings.

Most Kendra’s wigs are made out of real human hair; therefore, in order to change the color, they will need to dye it. Please keep this in mind when you wash your hair piece, you can accidentally wash all the colors away. So be careful!!!


Phucthientoupee is a major toupee manufacturer of SouthEast Asia. We mainly produce lace, dyed hair, curl, and prepare for ventilation. 

Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries worldwide such as Korea, USA, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, … Especially with Korea and the US alone, we have more than 25 years of experience in producing men’s toupees. Phuc Thien Toupee has been covered by the Korean beauty magazine about our contribution.

With all that said, it is obvious that our site is one of the most reputable, best human hair wigs websites for beginners to buy wigs online. We have detailed descriptions, as well as blogs for tips and tricks on how to use, how to care for your toupee properly.

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3. Conclusion

We hope that our article has provided you with everything you need. Finding the best human hair wigs websites is not easy, but it will be worth the time and effort once you have found it. 

For now, thank you so much for reading, we hope you have a great day!!!


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