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Wigs are hair additives that allow bald people to cover their only flaw. This is a more effective way, delivering great results immediately, rather than spending months of therapy with an unsure outcome.

One of the most popular, as well as offer the best result in terms of appearance improvement wigs are human hair wigs. These are made out of actual real human hair, which is treated and processed properly before being attached to the foundation and sold to the public.

Human hair wigs are favored by many people due to the simplicity in using methods as well as styling options.

Just like a normal hair piece, wigs for women come with many sizes and shapes. However, some are just not for everyone. In order to save you some time to look up and test to see which style would suit you, Phucthientoupee will list out the top 5 best human hair wigs that will go perfectly with everyone. Let’s find out together, shall we?!!!

1. Full Cap Women’s Toupee Swiss Lace Frontal – PT043 

The PT043 is one of the most popular human hair wigs for women that can go well with all different head shapes, as well as suitable for all ages. 

The wig is designed to have a nicely smooth wavy hair line, which delivers great results in terms of appearance improvement. It will make the young look more mature, and deliver youth to the middle-age.

The Full Cap Swiss Lace Frontal is made out of 100% Vietnamese human hair, with a hair length of 16 inches. You can customize the color of the wig, in order to get what is perfect with you.

The base construction is K mesh, Swiss Lace, PU, which is thin and delivers a tight grip without causing any irritation.

2. Human Hair Wigs For Women – PT036 Full Swiss Lace

Another popular wig for women that suits people of all ages is the PT036. This is a long straight hair line wig that is made out of 100% Vietnamese natural hair. 

You can feel the difference between the authentic Vietnamese human hair wig and synthetic hair wig almost immediately. The real one will give you a more realistic touch, much smoother and thicker than the fake hair one.

Similar to the PT043, this wig also has the Swiss lace foundation, you will not have to worry about sweating too much that can make the wig slip off.

The base size of this model is 7 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches. However, we can customize this human hair wig in order to fit nicely.

The original color of this model is brown, however, you can customize it, change to whatever color you want. At Phucthientoupee, your experience and satisfaction are top priorities.

3. PT051 – Short & Curly Swiss Lace Toupee

If you want to express your strong and youthful personality, the PT051 model is for you. With the curly hairline and appropriate length, you can be assured about the result it gives.

All of our products are made out of 100% Vietnamese real hair, the PT051 is no exception. This real human hair wig offers the most realistic feel, silky smooth to the touch.

The hair length is 10 inches, which delivers a dynamic look, combined with the curly hair line will make you look even younger.

The standard color of this model is black with 100% density, ensuring to cover every bald spot. The base size is 9 1/8 x 11 1/2 inches, which is quite popular and suits many people, but if you have your own special request, we can customize it to your liking.

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4. The Afro Curl Full Cap Human Hair Wig – PT046

Number 4 in the top 5 best human hair wigs for women is the PT046, promising to give you a one of a kind experience.

One advantage of wearing a toupee is that you can test and try many different hair styles almost immediately without having to wait for the hair to grow back. This allows you to try many new things, no need to be scared of wrong choices, you can correct it straight away with just a few simple steps.

The PT046 is a bold style, not for everyone, however, how could you know if it suits you or not, unless you try it.

The long, thick and curly hair line is a big touch of this design. It can make you look like a brand new person. The standard color for this hair style is black, which increases the depth and thickness of the toupee.

The base is basic Swiss Lace, tight and steady grip to the scalp, you will not have to worry about the hairpiece being too loose when sweating.

For those who love to experience new things, the PT046 is something you should try for once in your life. 

5. Topper Swiss Lace Women Human Hair Wigs – PT010

Finally, we have a straight forward, simple yet never out of style model the PT010. It would be a big flaw if this is not included in the top 5 best human hair wigs for women. Here are the reasons why

This is a standard, basic style of all women with long hair lines, and a slight touch of waviness. This will be suitable for anyone who loves simplicity and doesn’t want to change too much in terms of appearance.

The 12 inches hair length, front contour C shape and black hair line is the best combo that can give out a mature and serious look, yet still quite modern and versatile.


Human hair wig is the best solution in terms of covering bald spots for women. Despite being more pricey compared to the synthetic ones, you get what you pay for. 

Coming along with a higher price is an increase in confidence. Walking around with a quality, realistic hairpiece is much more different than with a synthetic wig.

We hope that through this “Top 5 best human hair wigs for women” article, you can finally decide which type of toupee would suit you the most.

For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day. 

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