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To process wig ventilation, the most important thing a worker needs to pay attention to is the density of hair hooks on the product. On the same unit area of 1 inch, the worker will hook with thin hook density, medium hook density or thick hook density.

Different Hair Hook Density Specifications

There are many different hair hook density specifications, and for convenience we will read the hook method in binary numbers as follows:

  • Hooking specification 10101: read as ventilate 1 box, skip 1 box, skip 1 row (go 1, skip 1, skip 1 row).
  • Hooking specification 1011: read as ventilate 1 square, skip 1 square, don’t skip row (go 1 skip 1, don’t skip row).
  • Hooking specification 1021: read as ventilate 1 square, skip 2 squares, don’t skip row (go 1 skip 2, don’t skip row).
  • Hooking specification 1111: This specification is the thickest hooking specification, hooking all cells, not skipping any rows or columns (filling all the cells).
  • Hooking specification 20101: read as hook 2 squares, skip 1 square, skip 1 row (cast 2, cast 1, skip 1 row). 
  • Hooking specification 2011: read as hook 2 boxes, skip 1 box, don’t skip row (go 2 skip 1, don’t skip row)
  • There are many other specifications you know, you can leave a comment and inbox me so I can make a demo for you.

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Explanation Of How To Write The Characters

The first 3 numbers are the hair ventilate specifications of the first diagonal row

4th or 5th number: will be the number of empty rows without hooks (if number 1: means no row removed, number 01 means 1 row removed, number 02 means 2 rows removed)

There are many ways to ventilate hair, but most of us only use 3 ways: 10101 (take 1, leave 1, leave 1 row), style 1021 (take 1, leave 2) and style 1011 (take 1, leave 1). Let’s take a look at the photo illustrating the hair hook density specifications and instructions on how to hook them below.

Hair hook density specification 1011: Each hair hook density specification has its own advantages and disadvantages when hooking onto a net to make a wig. Also depending on each customer, we choose the hair hook density according to the customer’s wishes.

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