Toupee Facts – Men’s Hair Pieces For Beginners

Hair Loss is a common problem that many people around the world are facing. Some can actually accept and live with it. However, for some, things are not just that simple.

Losing your hair does not affect your health, but it can bring your confidence down along with the hair.

The solution is quite straightforward. You can either invest tons of money on hair growth stimulation products or buy some men’s hair pieces, to cover up the empty space – which is a much more budgeting option by the way.

If you are on a budget and want something that can boost your confidence, you are at the right place. In this article, Phucthientoupee which toupee manufacturer in Vietnam will show you all the facts and tips you need to know about the wonderful world of men’s hair extension. 

Now let’s begin, shall we?!!

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What Is Men’s Toupee Hair?

Men’s toupee hair is basically men’s hair pieces that attach and cover the missing hair or thinning section.

The toupee hair is designed to stick and blend in with the scalp and your own hair, which makes it look incredibly realistic and in most cases, will significantly improve your appearance.

All quality men’s hair pieces, such as those at Phucthientoupee, are made out of real hair, which of course will deliver a much more natural feel to touch. A cheaper version would be made with synthetic hair – plastic based thin strings, which can look real, but will not give you the realistic touch as the real hair.

What Is Men’s Toupee Hair

How Does It Work?

The men’s hair pieces are designed to attach and blend in with the natural hair or the scalp, using the toupee adhesive or specialized clips. You can use other hair products to make it even more realistic.

Toupee hair usually comes in 2 forms, partial and full. The partial ones will cover a certain area where the hair has gone missing, and the full ones will cover the entire head from back to front.

What Is Toupee Adhesive?

Toupee hair adhesive is a substance that is used as a glue to hold the men’s hair pieces to the scalp. The adhesive must be strong enough to hold the toupee tight, and has a low level of shine, in order to make it look real.

There are 2 main types of toupee adhesive:

– The glue-on adhesive: This has the similar function and using method as the normal glue. First, spread the glue thinly and evenly on the men’s hair pieces, then spread the glue on the scalp. Press the toupee hair gently on the scalp to keep it in place. There are many brands on the market that offer high quality toupee glue, the most popular ones can include Vapon, KP PRO BOND I or the Sure-Stick.

– The toupee tape: This is another type of adhesive which is also easy to apply. First, peel off the back of the tape, then apply it along the perimeter in the shape of your desired area. Make sure that you don’t touch the sticky portion of the tape.

Some of the common brands you can take into consideration are the Red Liner Tape, The Pro Flex Tape II or the Extenda Bond.

Small tip when applying the toupee tape is to place it around one inch behind the hairline, since the tape is invisible, this will help it blend in even more.

The adhesive should attach the toupee to your scalp for 4 to 6 weeks. After this period, we advise you to take it out to clean and cleanse it. 

*Note: Remove the toupee with caution. The adhesive can stay really sticky after 4 to 6 weeks. If you remove it too quickly, it might cause some pain, irritation and sometimes even bleeding. So for your own safety, remove the toupee slowly.

Toupee Adhesive

Should I Invest In A Quality Toupee For Men?

The answer is yes, totally. Getting men’s hair pieces is a much more budgeting option to cover up the white areas, compared to the expensive treatment sessions, therapy and all kinds of medicine.

Not just that, wearing a toupee will save you the monthly fee for a haircut, as well as saving some time styling your hair in the morning. You just have to clean it after a month or so, then wear it back on and you are good to go.

Furthermore, the toupee can be put on and put off quite easily. You can also wear them in different styles and colors, without the help of any hairstylist. Looking from a more optimistic perspective, you can be your own stylist, try out different types of hairstyles, to see which one suits you the most.

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What Should I Consider Before Buying Some Men’s Hair Pieces

As many advantages as the toupee offers you, there are still some things you should take into consideration before placing an order. Here are some elements we suggest you to look at:

Which type of product suit your budget

The toupee for men can be cheaper compared to many hair loss treatments, however, it still requires quite an amount of money to invest in. So make sure that you get the one that is really suitable for you and your budget. It would be sad if you overspend your money on a hair extension and then left with an empty pocket.

Which type of product suit your budget

Choose carefully

Make sure you get a toupee that blends well with your natural hair. You don’t want to go out in the street with black hair and a slightly brown circle on top of your head.

Extra tip is to try the hair extension on before you buy it, to ensure that you are comfortable wearing it. There is no confidence boost if it causes you irritation.

Maintain your men’s toupee hair properly 

Last but not least, clean and maintain your hair piece properly. This will ensure that you can use it for a long time in its best condition.

If you don’t know how to maintain a toupee, we have an article that will give you detailed instructions. Click here to find out.


Hair loss is definitely a thing that no one wants. However, there are several ways you can take to tackle this problem. Getting men’s hair pieces is one of them. 

You can find various toupee styles at a reasonable price here at Phucthientoupee. All of our products are made with care and dedication that will not disappoint you.

For now, thank you so much for reading, we hope you have a great day.

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