Instruction: How To Make Template For Custom Hair Pieces?


If you are a connoisseur of using wigs, you will often encounter the following three problems:

Firstly, the product’s fit is not correct, leading to heaving when worn. Each person’s head bone will be different. Therefore, the products available on the market cannot suit all customers’ head shapes

Second, in case the customer is not bald on the entire head, just a small part, but must also shave off all the hair in the other parts that do not lose hair to be able to fit the available wig models.

Third, the hair color will not match the hair color at all. For custom made services, customers can choose hair color in different areas of the hair pieces to make the product look most natural

In addition, with custom wig products, you can choose any type of base according to your preferences and requirements. We provide more than 60 types of materials to cap design.

For customers who need stricter requirements for wig products and want products that meet international standards, they can come to our company to enjoy the service of designing real hair wigs on request. To get started with our designer wig products, we need to create a template for every order. This article will guide you on how to create a mold that meets the required standards.

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There is a mold available on the market to measure the head. However, this product is not available for all customers. It  is only suitable for customers with small bald patches. Therefore, I will guide you to measure your head manually using basic tools that you can buy on the market. Tools include:

  • Food wrap: choose a type with a width of about 30 – 40cm, with good elasticity.
  • Plastic glue tape: choosing a width of 2 to 3 cm, can be used with clear glue or thick white tape.
  • Scissors, tape measures, and oil markers are also items that need to be prepared before starting


I have detailed instructions on how to do it with video. However, I will summarize a few main steps below for your convenience

Step 1: Cut a piece of plastic wrap about 50 – 60cm long. You can join 2 pieces together if the hair loss area is too large.

Step 2: Place the membrane on the head and twist it tightly according to the head shape. The tighter the better.

Step 3: Apply glue to the head to shape the customer’s head

Step 4: Determine the location of the baldness with an oily marker and mark the front and back positions for the baldness

Step 5: Cut and adjust


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