Toupee For Men’s Guide: How To Maintenance Hair Extension

Phuc Thien Toupee is definitely a savior for anyone who is suffering from hair loss. Not only does it make you look good and boost your confidence, it also saves you quite an amount of time to wash and style.

However, as high-quality as our toupee for men, just like anything else, it still requires some occasional maintenance and cleaning.

If you are new to men’s hair pieces and wondering how to maintenance hair extension, we got you covered. In this article, Phuc Thien Toupee will show you detailed instructions on how to clean and maintain your toupee, in order to retain its finest condition. Click Here To Find Wholesale Toupee. 

1. When To Clean

It is best advised to clean the toupee for men periodically, even though the toupee does not require maintenance very often. 

You should wash your toupee every 7 to 10 days. Cleaning it once a week would be best because it will cleanse all the dirt and bacteria off of your toupee, as well as make it look fresh all the time.

There are of course many other factors that can affect the amount of wash the men’s hair pieces would need:

– First is the sweat. If you sweat all the time, due to the working frequency or exercising a lot, the sweat and body oil will accumulate. In this case, you should give your toupee a more frequent wash, maybe every 3 to 4 days.

– Second is the weather. At a lower temperature, you would sweat less, and reduce the amount of oil accumulated. You can extend the washing period to around 12 to 14 days, depending on your condition. 

But remember, you don’t sweat doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean your toupee. Your body would still release oil. Make sure to clean them periodically.

– Last are some other external factors like dust, smoke or dandruff. These can cling on to your toupee and should be removed if you want to keep your toupee at the best condition.

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2. Toupee For Men – Toupee Shampoo

Many people think that toupee is 90% similar to real hair; therefore, a regular shampoo would clean the toupee just fine. This is a big mistake.

Toupee is made out of either real human hair or synthetic fibers. It may look and feel like natural hair, but there is a huge difference, which is that the toupee for men will not grow back.

You cannot just use any type of shampoo to wash your toupee. It is crucial for you to find and buy the right product – the shampoo that is specialized for wigs and toupees.

Reason for this is that other than washing the hair, cleaning all the substances and particles off of your toupee, normal shampoo also cleans the foundation of your toupee. If you wash it vigorously, the hair on your toupee will fall off, and it doesn’t grow back. So make sure to use toupee shampoo and treat it with caution.

Some of our highest recommendations include Jonrenau, Revlon or SheaMoisture. These are extremely popular toupee for men’s shampoo brands. It is safe to say that you can be assured to have the best quality products with the highest satisfaction with these brands

3. Washing Technique

As mentioned above, it is crucial to clean your toupee with care and caution, since it is easy to fall off. There are some recommended techniques you can try to apply:

– Step 1: Rinse your toupee for men with fresh, clean water

– Step 2: Apply the appropriate shampoo onto the toupee

– Step 3: Gently work your finger through the cap, moving back and forward. DON’T scrub your hands against the cap.

– Step 4: Rinse off with fresh, clean water. Try not to tug into the hairs and wring out the toupee.

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4. Toupee Conditioning

Conditioning the toupee helps to make it look fresh and clear, preventing it from fading away or looking grubby.

You should apply the toupee conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo. Make sure to rinse it well, you don’t want clumps of unrinsed shampoo sticking to your toupee. And similar to the shampoo, use the suitable conditioner.

Other than that, you can also apply some leave-in conditioner, as well as fiber oil to reduce the static electricity accumulated between the hairs on your toupee. This will also protect your hair extension from toxic residue and substances.

This method is extremely useful for synthetic hair toupees, which have a higher static electricity accumulation.

5. Toupee For Men – Shaping Your Style

Styling your toupee is also important. It helps you express your personality. However, there are some things you should notice before shaping your style.

Let your toupee fully dry before styling. Leave it on a wig stand or hang it on the clothesline. You can also style your toupee more effectively while it is hanging.

Don’t comb or brush your men’s hair pieces while it’s still wet. If possible, shape the hairs using your finger only. Shaping your wig while it is hanging on the wig stand also allows better air flow, which will help the toupee dry much quicker.

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6. Toupee Style

Toupee for men comes in various shapes and styles. Most of them are pre-styled. They are easy to shape, all you have to do is gently fold the hairs, while they are still wet, into the desired style, leave it to dry and you are good to go.

In many cases, there are toupees with heat styling features. You can use heating tools such as a hair dryer or specialized tools to shape your toupee after it is dried completely.

Small tip: You can prepare an extra toupee for backup, in case the one you are using is still wet or for some reason, unavailable.


We hope that you find this article useful. A toupee will last for ages if it is maintenanced properly and frequently. Should there are any questions, feel free to contact us via our email. Our team of customer service is available 24/7, always ready to answer and deliver solutions for any of your problems.

For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day!!!

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