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It is obvious that appearance plays an important role in our life, especially in this modern time. The more good looking you are, the easier things will be for you.

These days, not only do the young pay more attention to their looks, but the elderly also. If for some reason, like you cannot shape or form your hair, or even worse, your hair falls off gradually, then some men’s hair pieces will be your savior. In case you are not familiar with this product, you can click here for extra information.

In this article, Phucthientoupee will show you the list of the best toupee hairstyles for older men. Let’s check it out!!!

The Slick Back

One of the oldest, lasted through time toupee hairstyle for older men – The Slick Back. This hairstyle dated back from the 20s, when men wanted to update their look to become brighter and more manly. 

Despite its long history, the Slick Back is still favored by lots of people around the world, especially the elderly.

The reason for its fame is that this hairstyle can go with literally all men, no matter the shapes and sizes of the face. It can be round, square, long or short, doesn’t matter, the slick back will make you look good.

In order to form the men’s hair pieces, start from the shower. You can brush your hair backwards gently while using shampoo and conditioner that are specialized for hair extension. Some of them can include the Rose Water Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo, Hairobics Unlimited All Day Synthetic Wig Shampoo, Jon Renau Fiber Love Shampoo for Synthetic Fiber Wigs.

After rinsing off the shampoo, dry the hair using a towel and gently brush it back. Additionally, you can use a low temp heater to speed up the drying process, however, there is still a risk of damaging the toupee so we would not recommend it.

You can also take a shortcut and use wax or gel instead of forming the hari pieces. Although, this will require more frequent washing so make sure to include that into consideration.

The Slick Back

The Quiff

The quiff can also be included as one of the most manly toupee hairstyle for older men of all time. Similar to the slick back, this hairstyle is suitable for all ages.

Being born later than the slick back – in the 50s, the quiff is considered as a shorter, modified version of the slick back, which explains why it is perpetual.

The difference between the quiff and the slick back is that the quiff is not too thick, the men’s hair pieces are trimmed off a little bit shorter and much thinner than the slick back.

Depending on your condition, the choices for toupee for men and your desire, you can achieve many variations of the quiff, such as the classic, the undercut, textured, etc.

If you can, growing a thick and beautifully trimmed beard will increase the level of manliness by hundreds of times.

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The Medium Length Comb Over

With just a comb and suitable length men’s hair pieces, you can form yourself a simple yet attractive hairstyle, which goes really well with older men.

However, the medium length comb over still requires a little bit of trimming and forming at the beginning. After that, it is just as simple as using the comb to stroke it gently, keep it in shape everyday.

You can also use some styling products designed for toupee for men to keep it in its form for a longer period of time. Just make sure to clean it regularly to prevent unwanted damages.

In addition, try keeping a thick but short beard to boost your manliness with this hairstyle.

The Buzz Cut

This simple men’s hair pieces hairstyle is not for everyone. You will need certain aspects in order to look good with this hairstyle, even though this  used to be a standard of a male’s beauty in the beginning of the 21st century.

The buzz cut is a style that you want your hair to cut short, close to the scalp. You can also grow a short beard, which goes really well with the hairstyle.

As simple as a short haircut, at Phucthientoupee, we can also design and shape the toupee, customize it to suit your need and favor. Feel free to contact us via our email for further instruction.

The Wavy

Sometimes, changing is a good thing. You can never know what suits you until you try it. In this case, it is the wavy hairstyle. If you are fed up with the traditional straight hairstyle, this one is for you.

The wavy style will add some extra texture and movement to your look. Furthermore, if you are a fun, dynamic person, this style would also help you to express that personality, creating a soft and warm feeling for the person opposite.

This style for men’s hair pieces suits the most with grey, black or even blonde hair. You can try this style at We are always ready, at your service!!!

The Long Curly Style

Similarly, the long curly hairstyle would also help you express the artistic aspect of your personality. Combined with a thick and neatly trimmed beard, it will bring about extra romantic and masculinity.

Just like the wavy style, this hairstyle goes well with grey, black or blonde hair. These men’s hair pieces are all available at Phucthientoupee for you to try on.


A suitable hairstyle would definitely boost your confidence. The big question is which one suits you the most. It is required that you try a variation of men’s hair pieces in order to understand your taste.

The list above consists of some of the most popular, easy to form hairstyles for older men. Of course nothing is perfect, everything has its own ups and downs. However, the more good looking you are, the more confidence you have.

Other than that, the list would also contain some styles for anyone who wants to change their normal style into something completely different.

We hope that you find our article useful. For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day.

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