Buying Toupees Directly From Hair Direct’s Suppliers. Cheaper Price But The Same Quality.

Notification: We are writing this post because we want to continue serving and supporting our existing Hair Direct customers. Our company’s development strategy is to focus on end-user satisfaction regardless of which distributor you buy from. We still do hair care and maintenance of the products that customers have purchased from Hair Direct before. If you have any support requirements, please contact us. 

Phuc Thien Toupee has been supplying toupees for Hair Direct for more than 10 years.

Have you been a loyal customer of Hair Direct for many years? Are you using this company’s Hair Replacement products? Are you very worried because Hair Direct has gone bankrupt, affecting the demand for the product you are using?

If you are facing the above problem then this post is for you. We are from Phuc Thien Toupee who has produced hairpieces for Hair Direct for more than 10 years. Our production capacity is about 4000pcs/month.

At Phuc Thien Toupee, we manufacture hair replacement for both men and women according to customer requirements. Most of the customized hair from Hair Direct we have already produced. We still have a lot of order forms from customers of this company in our office. Currently, we still have more than 300 finished products of Hair Direct that have not been shipped to end users because the company has stopped working unexpectedly.

Phuc Thien Toupee & Hair Direct Photo Collection

 Production Of Hair Direct Product At Phuc Thien Toupee

Hair Direct ProductsHair Direct Wonen's Toupee

Hair Direct products, color ring and order form

Who is Phuc Thien Toupee?

Phuc Thien Toupee has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing men’s hair replacement. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries around the world. Our main markets are USA, Korea, Canada, Eu, … We focus on wholesale men’s hairpiece production following by customer’s requirement.

You can view our detailed introduction here.

We are now expanding direct retail to international customers. Some products in stock will be shipped within 1-2 weeks by DHL/UPS/EMS. New customized products will take 3-5 weeks for customers to receive the final products.

Introduction Of Phuc Thien Toupee 

How to order?

Step 1: Provide Product Information

We will create an order form based on what Hair Direct has previously provided to you. You can download the file here.

You need to print out the order sheet and complete the information for us to get the product specifications. It would be great if you send us old product pictures that you are using. In order to completing order form, please refer appendix below. 

Or after preparing all the information, please send it to us via email or Whatsapp.


Whatsapp: +84933901196 Ryan Nguyen/ +84914134945 Mrs. Thanh Ta

Step 2: Getting Quotation and Payment

Based on the order form, we will quote the product for you. If you agree,  you can pay for us by Paypal/ WesternUnion/ Moneygram. Shipping costs will be paid by you directly for couriers.

If you already have a mold, please send it to us. We will make the product better if the customer can provide it. We will keep this mold at the company for the next orders.

Step 3: Waiting to receive the goods

Production time is 3-5 weeks from the date we receive the payment.

HairDirect provides hair replacement systems, hair care and maintenance products. They went bankrupt in February of this year after more than 25 operations.



Product hair color palette. Please give us the hair color code. To see high images quality, Click Here.


Adding Grey Hair

Density table.

Hair Curl


Suggest the type of base construction you want to use. Or if you use a different base style than the reference, please send us pictures and specs.

Frontal Contour


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